Leading the way in sustainable practices

At Premium Textiles, we take pride in contributing to making a greener world by employing sustainable practices. Discover how we drive this positive change through our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Starting with trash

Our sustainable fiber-creating process begins with collecting textiles for recycling from two main sources: pre-consumer waste (by-products from yarn and fabric manufacturers) and post-consumer waste (garments, upholstery, and household items), diverting them from landfills.

shredding into fibers

The collected waste undergoes a meticulous shredding process, where it is cut into small pieces. This step tears the fabric into smaller components, making it more manageable.

Dyeing & spinning

Shredded fibers are meticulously prepared for dyeing using eco-friendly techniques with reduced water and chemical usage. The dyed fabric is then spun into top-notch yarn.

finished product

Our artisans and state-of-the-art machinery turn sustainable yarn into elegant and fine-quality garments. We focus on creativity and attention to detail, ensuring our products are not only stylish but also sustainable, reflecting our commitment to people and the planet.

Year in Review by utilizing recycled fibers, Premium Textile saved an estimated

12.7 Million m3

Water Saved

1268 Hectares

Land Saved

3.83 Billion MWh

Energy Saved

14,045 MT

Carbon Dioxide Saved


We contribute to achieving some of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) through our business activities in a broad range of markets associated with ocean, land, and air transport.
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