Creating masterpieces since 1989

At Premium we believe that the quality of our products is most influenced by the raw materials used to make them.
Imported cotton from the US, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Tanzania, Spain, Argentina, and West Africa
Best-selected growths of Pakistani cotton is used in our mill
Each incoming bale is tested using the latest Uster HVI and AFIS systems

Our Products

Financial Highlights

Over the period of six years, we have achieved impressive financial growth with consecutive year-over-year expansion and strong profitability, solidifying our position as a leading player in the textile industry.

Rs. 4.310B

Net Profit • 2022

Rs. 699.40

Earning Per Share • 2022


With our dedication and constant technological advancements, we aim to take our eco-friendly initiatives to new heights of success.

4.6 MW

Windmill Project


Solar PV Capacity


Platinum Partner

our edge

Impressive Variety of Yarn

Explore Premium Textile Mills' stunning selection of yarn types, boasting an enchanting array of colors, textures, fiber blends, multicolored patterns, and one-of-a-kind effects such as snowy appearances and bumpy textures.

A World-class testing facility

Discover unparalleled quality assurance at our state-of-the-art testing facility, furnished with cutting-edge tech like Uster-6, AFIS, and Uster HVI 1000. We're relentless in securing top-tier quality for our socks.

In-house dyeing

Our In-house dyeing process includes wet processing dyeing, washing, cloud technology, and performance application

Most Advanced Machinery

Unveil innovation with Industry 4.0-powered Lonati GE machinery. Crafted for precision, these machines feature "classic toe linking SbyS" for enduring comfort and durability.

Embracing Eco-Consciousness for a Better Future


Football fields equivalent land saved


Homes powered over an year equivalent energy saved


Cars taken off the road for a year equivalent carbon emissions reduced


Five-minute showers equivalent water saved

Trusted by Global Certifications

Our products have earned numerous accreditations globally that demonstrate our dedication to perfection and compliance.