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Ever since the inception of Premium Textile Mills Ltd. took place in 1989, the group has successfully diversified into manufacturing of Garments, Auto parts, Recycled PSF Manufacturing and Trading in various commodities.
We employ more than 1900 people in our work force. The relentless perseverance of the formative years has been the guiding principle for the group to achieve an annual turnover in excess of Rs.6 billion.
However, the flagship company Premium Textile Mills Ltd. remains the major contributor in the brilliant standing of the group.


Our mission is to manage and operate company growth and profitability without high risk for investors. We do this by offering quality products to our customers and constantly striving to improve these products to meet customer needs. This also allows us to prosper as a business and provide a stable and secure income to our valuable employees and reasonable returns to our shareholders; the owners of our business.


The future of the textile industry will be characterized by tough competition. In this future, we will be constrained of capacity utilization, tough/sluggish markets and rising costs. However, we will strive hard to become profitable and thus create value for our shareholders. We shall continue as a successful company by stressing on value addition, improved quality and close liaisons with our customers.



We source cut-rags from a majority of garment manufacturers in Pakistan, and abroad. A big majority of these rags are from fabrics made from our yarns. All sourcing is strictly monitored and pre-sorted by our suppliers, based on blend and colors.


All the spinning waste we generate, like Card-Fly, Comber Noil & Hard Waste are also recycled in-house.

Our Brand New GRS Certified Margasa Recycling plant has a capacity to recycle 1,000 Kgs/Hour of fabric waste, yarn spinning waste and post-consumer used clothing into fibers of the longest possible length


The recycled fibers generated by the Margasa Plant are of prime quality. They are treated as near-virgin. The fiber content can be either PC/CVC blended or 100% Cotton (both dyed and un-dyed).




m3 of water saved


Kilograms of pesticides & fertilizers


Kilograms dyes & chemicals


Kwh of energy


Kilograms CO2 Equivalent


Trees planted




Mélange yarns are made by blending Raw Cotton with Dyed Fibers. We also produce PC/CVC Mélange yarns in all counts from NE 10/1 upto NE 40/1 and Heather Grey yarns in PC/CVC using Black Polyester with Raw Cotton. 100% Poly Heathers production has begun at our Heather Grey unit.

Injection Yarns

Injection Yarns

Injection yarns fall under the Fancy yarn category. Here regular short intervals of Polyester (Raw White or Colored) or Cotton (Raw White or Dyed) are inserted into the base yarn. This creates an effect of Horizontal patterns on the knitted or woven fabric and is a very popular effect garment manufacturers favor.

Marled Yarns

Marled Yarns

Marled yarns are also called Grindles, Siro Spun or Jaspe’s. Marled yarns are created by plying 2 different or similar fibers to form a single yarn. They create a very unique mesh patterned salt n pepper effect specially if one of the fibers is black. These are our top selling varieties of fancy yarns.

Snow Effect Yarns

Snow Effect Yarns

These are also yarns made most commonly in a Tri-blend formation. Mainly, Cotton, Polyester and Viscose are blended to achieve this effect. Comber Noil is also a substitute for this, and gives the knitted or woven fabric a rough surface effect. We can manufacture these yarns in either Knit & Wash or Ecru’s, so customers can dye one portion themselves to achieve desired results.

Speckled Yarns

Speckled Yarns

Speckled or Neppy Yarns are made by adding specially made neps / short stubs of Cotton or Polyester into the yarn. These neps can either be Ecru or Dyed/Colored.

Swatch Book

Swatch Book


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