Premium Textile

The Premium Story

Premium Textile Mills is a market leader in the
manufacturing of Fancy & Value Added yarns.
Under our triple-bottom-line framework, we
commit to focusing on the finest quality, wide
assortments, and product functionality
alongside social well-being, environmental
health & economic sustainability.

Our cutting-edge manufacturing setup aligned
with Industry 4.0 strategy ensures that we
meet our triple-bottom-line goals

Our Socks Company!

Premium Socks is headquartered in Karachi,  Pakistan.

We specialize in engineered technical socks used for sports, active recreation, and specialist markets. We manufacture well-crafted socks for all seasons, using the latest in-line testing for perfecting stitch length, snug fit technology, and the finest quality fibers yarn. The quality of our product & our services has given us a  competitive advantage in the industry.

Our strong ethical values allow us to build long-term & sustainable relationships with our clients, partners & suppliers. Our most valued assets are the latest state-of-the-art machinery and equipment,  qualified production workers, and marketing specialists.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer quality products to our customers and constantly strive to improve these products to meet customer needs. This also allows us to prosper as a business and provide customers with consistent supply and quality in long term.

Our Vision

The future of the textile industry will be characterized by
tough competition. In the future, we will be constrained by
capacity utilization, tough/sluggish markets, and rising costs.
However, we will strive hard to become profitable and thus
create value for our stakeholders. We shall continue as a
successful company by stressing value addition, improved
quality, and close liaisons with our customers

Our Core Values

At Premium Socks, our core values are not just set of words. They’re everyday guidelines.


Value our customers
& employees


Embrace & integrate
accountability in everything we do


Think outside the box


Care about generations to


Strive for growth &

Future Roadmap

Our plans for the next 3 years




Natural Fibers

Premium Textile makes considerable efforts
to minimize its impact on the environment.
This is why we manufacture eco-friendly
socks using organic cotton and
combinations with synthetics, other natural
yarns, and organic dyeing. These types of
socks are particularly suitable for people
suffering from multiple chemical sensitivities.

Recycled Fiber

Premium Recycle yarns such as Cotton, Cotton Polyester and other combinations without compromising on comfort needs of customers, but we also embrace sustainable values and green manufacturing practices.




Stitch by stitch





Numbers in Perspective


Most advance Industry 4.0 ready Lonati Brand New 272 GE544 SbyS (expandable up to 612 machines)
Disruptive Zero Discharge product finish using Nano bubbles technology for wide array of specialized product finishes
Soft hand feel using autoclave Steam boarding machine with added Hot air & press for perfect silhouette
Air texturing machine for optimum stretch


To make fancy texturing effects in natural & synthetic yarn
To maintain bulkiness in dyed polyamide
ETP, USGB building initiatives, 1 Megawatt Solar energy, Energy monitoring initiatives & BMS


In-house Yarn Spinning
Most modern fiber & yarn dyeing setup from Thies Germany for outstanding results with lowest environmental impact
Largest Source of colored yarn in Pakistan




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