Weaving quality into every stitch

Creating Masterpieces Since 1989

At Premium we believe that the quality of our products is most influenced by the raw materials used to make them. Imported cotton from the US, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Tanzania, Spain, Argentina, and West Africa along with the best-selected growths of Pakistani cotton is used in our mill. Each incoming bale is tested using the latest Uster HVI and AFIS systems.

Premium Socks

We specialize in engineered technical socks used for sports, active recreation, and specialist markets. We manufacture well-crafted socks for all seasons, using the latest in-line testing for perfecting stitch length, snug fit technology, and the finest quality fibers yarn. The quality of our product & our services has given us a competitive advantage in the industry.



Football fields equivalent Land Saved


Five-minute showers equivalent water saved


Homes powered over an year equivalent energy saved


cars taken off the road for a year equivalent carbon emissions reduced

The only Thing that counts is how we make it

Our philosophy strongly believes in creating yarns with exceptional fiber, researching and developing novel blends, and making them more contemporary with innovative yarn structures and offering brilliant colors.

Future Roadmap

We at Premium Textile Mills Ltd. envision ourselves as a market leader in the production of high-end, technical knitted and hosiery products. Our constant efforts are focused on establishing a positive image of Premium within our target market as a trustworthy brand that anticipates trends.

4.6 MW

Windmill Project


Solar PV Capacity




Zero Liquid Discharge