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Mélange yarns are made by blending Raw Cotton with Dyed Fibers. We also produce PC/CVC Mélange yarns in all counts from NE 10/1 upto NE 40/1 and Heather Grey yarns in PC/CVC using Black Polyester with Raw Cotton. 100% Poly Heathers production has begun at our Heather Grey unit.


Injection yarns fall under the Fancy yarn category. Here regular short intervals of Polyester (Raw White or Colored) or Cotton (Raw White or Dyed) are inserted into the base yarn. This creates an effect of Horizontal patterns on the knitted or woven fabric and is a very popular effect garment manufacturers favor.


These are also yarns made most commonly in a Tri-blend formation. Mainly, Cotton, Polyester and Viscose are blended to achieve this effect. Comber Noil is also a substitute for this, and gives the knitted or woven fabric a rough surface effect. We can manufacture these yarns in either Knit & Wash or Ecru’s, so customers can dye one portion themselves to achieve desired results.


Marled yarns are also called Grindles, Siro Spun or Jaspe’s. Marled yarns are created by plying 2 different or similar fibers to form a single yarn. They create a very unique mesh patterned salt n pepper effect specially if one of the fibers is black. These are our top selling varieties of fancy yarns.


Speckled or Neppy Yarns are made by adding specially made neps / short stubs of Cotton or Polyester into the yarn. These neps can either be Ecru or Dyed/Colored.